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Registered Texas architect, former university lecturer and researcher, CAD/BIM consultant and trainer. I hold an M.Arch as well as an MS in architectural engineering from the University of Texas at Austin; I've taught architecture courses there. I have been practicing since 1993, and established my own firm in 1997. I design buildings that capture the imagination, express regional beauty and a sense of place, and touch lightly on the earth. My projects reflect their cultural and geographical context, are accessible and comprehensible to the user, relevant to their surroundings, and contribute to a sense of place rather than obeying a preconceived architectural agenda. All my work—whether in teaching, research, or architecture—investigates the intersection of design, technology, and sustainability. I am particularly passionate about working collaboratively to create projects that eloquently express how we use and conserve energy and water, and inhabit the land. My architectural projects have attracted regional and national press, including Dwell Magazine and HGTV. My residential architectural work includes projects up to 10,000 SF, with project budgets up to $2M. Nonresidential work has included collaboration with other firms on commercial office buildings, school projects, and public infrastructure. In addition to leading Vectorworks seminars to architects for over a decade, I have presented and lectured widely on CAD and BIM. My current areas of research interest are sustainable architecture, BIM, cooling through passive ventilation, and space architecture, on which I have presented at international conferences. Specialties: Sustainable architecture, BIM (building information modeling), CAD, space architecture

Design Opportunity

I enjoy designing appropriately-sized homes in East Austin where I live—it’s an opportunity to create infill projects that add new vitality to our neighborhoods while respecting the people, history and scale of the surrounding homes. Often, however, there are particular … Continue reading

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Colonize the Colony Ship

30 minutes ago my two co-authors (Constance Adams and Georgi Petrov) and I submitted our paper for the AIAA’s Space 2012 conference in Pasadena, held in September. Here’s out abstract: Recent DARPA sponsorship of research on a hypothetical interstellar, crewed … Continue reading

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Urban Core

In the past few months I’ve been working on a handful of single-family homes in central east Austin. They all have certain commonalities. Appropriately scaled for their neighborhoods, they range from a thousand to around 1600 square feet—restrained in this … Continue reading

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Orientation Matters

Lately I’ve been working with Newcastle Homes on a couple of urban infill residential projects. Newcastle is successful at pairing lots in near East Austin with clients who want vibrancy, neighborhood character, and proximity to the central city. As a … Continue reading

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Design with Climate

We are all aware of the importance of conserving energy and natural resources, due to their growing scarcity, rising costs and the potential for permanent environmental harm to our world. Many people are surprised to discover that buildings are responsible … Continue reading

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My book, BIM in Small-Scale Sustainable Design, recently became available at Amazon, and should be out in late November. I discuss in detail how building information modeling can effectively be used by small and medium-sized architecture firms to design more … Continue reading

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The Sublime

Kant contrasts the sublime (in whose presence the fundamental human response is awe) with the beautiful (which elicits attraction). For Kant, to be confronted with the sublime is to be made aware of one’s insignificance; it is a tonic to ego. Continue reading

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